HollBrit Inc.


Automated Graining and Grinding

Robotic Graining Process

Enclosure graining station for stainless steel enclosures or grinding corners on mild steel.

This equipment is built to handle a large variety of product sizes and material types. It will process flat surfaces and welded corners.

The grinding unit has the capability to change grinding belts and support pallets automatically. This cell is available in either a one sided load/unload, as shown below, or a pass through, i.e. load one side , unload on the other side. It is also available
with 1 robot as shown or with 2 robots to increase through put.

Min. Size: (LxWxH) 6”x 6”x 3” (150mm x 150mm x 70mm)
Max. Size: (LxWxH) 72”x 40”x 24” (1800mm x 1000mm x 600mm)

Machine specifications (Click to Enlarge)

Machine specifications
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