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Medium Enclosure Corner Grinding

Medium Enclosure Grinding Station

This Enclosure Grinding Station is designed to grind a radius on the corner,(paint ready)
of a large variety of enclosures. This system can accommodate the grinding of
carbon steel and stainless steel.

The enclosures are placed onto a load conveyor by operator or from ‘upstream’ equipment
where it is measured by the machine and the station is adjusted automatically to the
enclosure size without the need of operator input.

This station can be built on it’s own or to four levels of automation which include:
Plasma or Mig welding of corners, mig welding of front ‘lip’, radius grinding of corners and welding of panel stand offs inside of enclosure.

Machine Specifications (click to enlarge)

Machine Specifications
(click to enlarge)

Sizes from 12" x 12" x 4" up to 37.375" x 72" x 20"
Metric: 300mm x 300mm x 100mm up to
1000mm x 1800mm x 500mm