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Enclosure Welding Station, Medium Enclosure

MEDIUM Enclosure welding station.

The ‘Robotic Enclosure Lip Welding Station’ is designed to weld the front "lip" of an electrical enclosure with no change over of tooling or software. The enclosures are placed onto a load conveyor by operator or from ‘upstream’ equipment where it is measured by the machine so the working station can be adjusted automatically to match the enclosure size.

Each section can be custom built to suit your requirements.

Machine Specifications (click to enlarge)

Machine Specifications
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The station can accommodate carbon steel or stainless steel welding of enclosures.
12" x 12" x 4" up to 37.375" x 72" x 20"
Metric: 300mm x 300mm x 100mm
up to 1000mm x 1800mm x 500mm