HollBrit Inc.

HollBrit Inc.


Seam welding and grinding

Automated solutions to seam weld and grind large panels and boxes. 

Examples of use: Electricial enclosures, battery enclosures, metal storage cabinets, etc.
Material thicknesses from 18 gage to 12 gage mild steel and/or stainless.

Robotic Seam Welding

Using 6 axis articulated robots we are able to navigate enclosures to support complicated seam welds. 

Stainless Steel graining

Automated solutions to support graining of stainless steel flat surfaces.

ROBOTIC Spot Welding

Auto Pull Box Spot Welder. Designed for the NEMA1 style enclosure.

Min. Size: (LxWxH) 6”x 6”x 4” (150mm x 150mm x 100mm)
Max. Size: (LxWxH) 24”x 24”x 8” (600mm x 600mm x 200mm)

Corner Grinding

Automated enclosure corner grinding. The products we offer can support small to large enclosures.

ROBOTIC Stud Welding

Our robotic stud welder can weld up to 3 different stud types on the base or the sides of a box or enclosure. It is also capable of welding studs on door as well.

Min. Size: (LxWxH) 12”x 12”x 8” (Door .75“ 20mm) (200mm x 200mm x 200mm)
Max. Size: (LxWxH) 72”x 40”x 20” (1800mm x 1000mm x 600mm)

fUll assembly line design

Our systems are built to work together. The full line is able to process your for the various steps required in production. It will weld, grind, and apply stud welds producing a ready enclosure at the end of the line. We are able to customize the system to fit your needs.

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All of our systems can be customized to work within your plant or facility and we can design, engineer, build, deliver, train and support custom systems to meet the challenges of your manufacturing facility.